Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a plea for an angelic electrical engineer...

We, of course, expected to at least be milling test batches of flour by now, but alas, we have hit an obstacle (after clearing a good many along the way)... something to do with amperage and voltage...the terminology continues to ring in my ears even when I sleep-- 480/600; 110/220; 208; three- phase; step down; transformer; sub-panel; bus duct..on and on... and all I really want to hear is the simple, slow rotation of our mill...
What we need-- what would be AMAZINGLY helpful-- is if there were an electrical engineer out there that would be willing to volunteer to meet with us and offer his/her opinion as to the best route to take to get the proper juice to power our mill. For the sake of good and local bread, rustic pastries, and even NC-grown malt balls, please if you are out there, email me. A couple years back a woman reached out and said if we needed help, her husband is an electrical engineer. I have scanned through both of my notebooks and cannot find her contact info. If you are out there, please contact me.

feeling ground to a pulp,


  1. The other alternative would be to ask for donations to hire an electrical engineer. I couldn't give a lot, but I would definitely give. I love your project! I haven't found really good flour since living in the UK (Dove Farm had fantastic organic flour).

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but it does look like we have found some help. Besides, I am bracing myself for the cost of whatever it is that the engineer recommends we do...