Friday, October 22, 2010

Update: the mill and the grain and the legal entity

We've finally got the motors for the mill and our stellar electricians-- Jesse and Donny (pictured above)-- are busy at work installing them!
Also, the pilot group of bakeries are engaged in bake tests of a few different varieties of wheat from Dr David Marshall's Uniform Bread Wheat trials.
The above photo is from Farm and Sparrow Breads. He hand sifted this wheat (I milled the grain in my 12" Jansen Gristmill). This variety of wheat has not yet been released to the public-- it is ARS05-1044. Yes, it sounds like something from Brave New World, but no, this is not genetic modification, it is just old school modern breeding practices-- public varieties developed via a public servant. The profile on the grain, btw, for those of you that want the nitty-gritty details, according to the USDA-ARS in Raliegh are: test wieght- 58.4#; protein- 14.4; falling numbers- 272; and hardness- 78
Next post: Carolina Ground as a legal entity and planting season...


  1. Hey Jennifer--Looking good! We're itching to bake some bread from NC Wheat in our new(used) Bongard hearth oven. When your in Durham, be sure to stop in at Ninth Street and say hi.


  2. Yeah! Hi Frank!! As soon as we get this mill powered, I will get some flour your way, for sure. Congrats on the new hearth oven!

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