Monday, May 3, 2010

Continuing Support

Our UNC-Chapel Hill STAR team just completed their semester-long focus on our seed-to-loaf initiative and have concluded that our concept-- to center our endeavor on the growing consumer demand for local, thus existing outside the commodities market with the goal of providing the farmer the best possible price for his/her grain at an affordable cost to the baker-- is viable. (I will post more detailed info on this soon...)
Also, I'd just like to share the good news that the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission has awarded our project additional funding for business planning and consultation with UNC Chapel Hill's Center for Sustainable Enterprise, as well as two days of on-the-ground mill flow consultation from Kansas State University associate director of International Grains Program, Mark Fowler, and finally, for the purchase of the 5-unit Correspondence Course in Flour Milling by the International Association of Operative Millers Association, to have as an educational resource onsite for improved knowledge in flour milling and grain processing and handling.

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