Monday, August 31, 2009

Dr Marshall's wheat

Dr Marshall's wheat arrived in the bakery last week. 80 lbs of the NuEast (HRW)/USDA-ARS03-4736 and 80lbs of Appalachian White (HWW)/USDA-ARS05-1234. The wheat was grown organically in Moore Co, the Sandhills of North Carolina, by farmer Billy Carter. With my 12" stone-burr grist mill, I milled for the seven bakeries that make up the pilot group here in WNC: Annies Naturally, Farm & Sparrow, Loafchild, Wildflour, Flat Rock Village Bakery, Westend, and Wakerobin Breads. Basic lab results showed very decent numbers: protein- NuEast- 13.74, Appalachian White- 13.32 with falling numbers of the two varieties at 511 and 432 respectively. Thus far, I have tried Wakerobin's whole wheat bread done in a pullman pan, using the Appalachian White. Steve Bardwell, of Wakerobin, compared this NC bread to one made with mid-western wheat, using the same formulas. We both preferred the flavor and texture of this NC white wheat to the mid-western wheat. Very exciting. More to come, as the baker's feedback rolls in...

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  1. Glad to hear that the wheat has been tested by some bakers and initial taste is good. I look foward to hearing more.